PanoramaBio CV Sculpture Painting


Mark Tollner - Sculptor and painter

I have created art since childhood. My drawings, oil paintings and sculptures have progressed from realism to abstraction and then into-three dimensions. I learned to weld while attending Buffalo State College. I worked at a company where I learned to use steel metal, concrete, and electricity. Then, as a graduate student at Buffalo State, I continued to learn about metal design using copper, brass and steel. This knowledge informs my present work.

My pieces grow from memories of past experiences. My oil paintings and sculptures are inspired by the places, smells, sounds and images I hold in my mind. I have always loved the outdoors and have always lived closed to the woods and water. The inspiration for my sculptures comes from experiences I have had hunting and fishing. As a sculptor, I am primarily concerned with the movement of the figures in my pieces.

My metal work has become increasingly complex. I use several homemade bronzing techniques and my pieces are of various sizes including both relief and isolated sculptures. My work is detail and abstraction combined.